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☣ 007 feat. RWBY screencaps + icons by request

Free 15 icons for the first five people. Just select your screencaps from the pile and I'll see what I can do. I can't guarantee quality.

✁ RWBY screencaps (s01e13 - s02e05) [x 1171]


Note/Comment Space: All images are 1280 x 720, jpeg format because I forgot to set my KMPlayer to png. I'm sorry.

Season 1: Episode 13: Forever Fall (pt 1) - (x 51)
Season 1: Episode 14: Forever Fall (pt 2) - (x 62)
Season 1: Episode 15: The Stray - (x 108)
Season 1: Episode 16: Black & White - (x 121)
Season 2: Episode 01: Best Day Ever - (x 163)
Season 2: Episode 02: Welcome to Beacon - (x 162)
Season 2: Episode 03: A Minor Hiccup - (x 141)
Season 2: Episode 04: Painting the Town... - (x 198)
Season 2: Episode 05: Extracurricular - (x 165)

⇒ If you feel like crediting, credit [community profile] stardustcrusade

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