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☣ 002 | request post [feat. Okita Sougo]

coloring request post
make grey your coloring monkey

Toss in link to lineart, get colored stuff.

[p.s. I can't code.]
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I believe the only proper response to this is:

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name: ERIE! amateur codemonkey, sometime iconist, semi-pro flailer. sometimes a student.
character/fandom: TOSHINOU KYOUKO!!! / Yuru Yuri
link to lineart: JYARAAAAA~N
notes, etc.: color scheme! with free rum raisin in the picture

also she is the girl in my icon uHOHOHO
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uguu sorry about that here is a fullish body image
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also what is that filename /dead
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also why is the scary badger your default
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Omg can I request Twin Spica? I could use more Twin Spica *u*
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Yaaaay! Of course~ It'll take a while tho, because my computer is busted so I have to search for them again lol. I'll drop by again then! /o/
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name: Hibi, your stalker extraordinaire 8}
character/fandom: Leon Orcot / Pet Shop of Horrors
link to lineart: Behold! A zip file!
notes, etc.: Leon's color scheme? Blue eyes, blond hair, fair skin. His userpics make a good guide :3c
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Just adding because I like Leon's shades :U here!
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oooh i'm considering putting in a request. how are you with this sort of lineart?
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Woah. Hi there! I'll see if I could come up with the flats tomorrow/later/it's 12 AM.
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wow i'm playing with you right now. wow. O_O asdghjkl;; thank you! if you need color refs, my icons are here. \o/ also it's 12am here too...8| are we in the same timezone?
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I think we're in the same country. Philippines?

And it's an illustration of Lady Une from Gundam Wing, right?
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yep! omg checked you on the friending meme. 8U we are. and i'm in Paranaque but i go to ADMU. small planet...
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Very small! I'm currently in Davao right now but I'm usually at QC. I just graduated.

I haven't tried coloring a sketch before but I'll see what I can do. o/
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aaaahhh that sounds amazing. thank you very much! also going to go add you on plurk!
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it's magnificent. a little darker on the hair but you're doing great! uwah thank you so much. looking forward to the final result. <3